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[수입화장품브랜드] Demand Panning Manager

등록일 2023-09-20 진행중


Demand planning – Sales forecast analysis by providing analytical data regarding budget, sell-in & out and stock status.

Supply planning & Stock management- Ensure to have optimal stock level by releasing realistic purchase order and analyzing stock status

Ensure to minimize business risk by analyzing realistic demand and supply.


1) Demand planning

- Responsible for forecasting management by operating the planning system according to the planned schedule

- Develop and maintain an annual budget structure that is correctly divided for all SKUs and holds related meetings regularly at the right time.

- Agree and adjust the budget, and actively communicates with other teams and brands.

- Analyze and advise various sales data that have been carried out.

2) Inventory control

- Responsible for inventory management through system management and execution in accordance with the schedule designated by the company to achieve the purpose

- Hold a meeting with the brand, regularly review the latest inventory levels, analyzes excess inventory and discuss disposal

- Communicate actively for excess inventory and global inventory management

- Analyze the excess inventory that must be processed within the budget, make decisions, adjusts to the amount and budget of the products that are actually due, and advises brand.

- Ability to split air & sea order by considering freight cost, lead time, Inventory level and stock urgency.

3) Project management

- Participate actively in and executes special project.

- Based on the approved plan, executes the project within the specified time limit


- 6-8 years experienced in FMCG industry or in supply chain management field

- Forecasting experience in FMCG industry is preferred

- Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple priorities

- Excellent communication skills and persuasion

- An understanding of analytical skills/number

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